Millions of Canadians from sea to shining sea will be celebrating this weekend.  The occasion of course is the country’s 150th birthday.

There have of course been a lot of changes since 1867.

Canada 150

Canada 1867 – 2017

In 1867 there were only four provinces, today there are ten and three territories.

150 years ago the population was 3,463,000. Now there are more than 100 times that number at 35,151,728.

At the start of the union, resources were an important export for Canada with copper ore and iron leading the way. In 2017 the resource industry still plays an important role in the countries growth with timber, agriculture and oil and gas leading the way.

Of course this has changed the look of the country’s landscape and while we can’t go back to the beginning, a lot of companies are leading the way in restoring sections of the land to its original state and protecting Mother Earth.

Some of these company its will be recognized on July 1st. The awards are called Canada150in150. Up for one of the honours is Edmonton’s own Katch Kan. The company has been leading the way in the oil industry for over 20 years when it comes to innovation and looking after the environment.

The Rig Safety & Zero Spill Systems help protect both workers and the land during drilling operations. These are systems that are now used around the world.

Leaving the land the way it was found is Katch Kan’s goal. It may not look like it did back in 1867, but if you can’t tell the oil industry was even in the area then we are doing our part to preserve it for the next 150 years.

To read more about Katch Kan and its commitment to our country check  the Canada 150 in 150 website.