Environmental Sustainability System™

Environment Sustainability Systems or ESS is a unique science based range of products using bio based solutions to solve complex global environmental issues.
We have identified 5 primary sectors we represent the ESS products in.

  1. Oilfield Cleaning & Remediation
  2. Industrial & Commercial Laundry
  3. Wastewater Management – Civil, Municipal, Oilfield and Energy
  4. Agriculture
  5. Consumer Products

The ESS products produce innovative solutions for Oilfield & Energy applications
Cleaning hydrocarbon carbon contaminated equipment and tools and the remediation of contaminated or brownfield sites.
ESS uniquely and effectively cleans clothing, PPE, linens, and the equipment or washing machines in which these items are washed.
The Wastewater management products are microbe Enhancement products that support Wastewater clean-up, Algae Abatement, drilling or frac water and tailings ponds.
ESS Agriculture products support compost Enhancement, zero till operations and dramatically enhance fertilizers and other Agricultural chemicals significantly reducing use and overuse of these product reducing the environmental impacts.


Kan Klean: Petroleum Cleaning Agent



• Invert drilling muds make rigs and equipment difficult to clean.
• Conventional cleaning methods require harsh soaps or chemicals that require special PPE.
• Wastewater containing harsh chemicals and hydrocar-bons have high transport and disposal costs.
• Harsh cleaning chemicals can strip paint and degrade metals.


• Reduces hydrocarbon accumulation on surfaces and in wastewater
• An environmentally safe solution of plant-based proteins which are non-toxic, pH neutral and non-flammable
• Accelerates the biodegradation process.
• Cleans crude petroleum, redefined fuel, oil, and grease.
• Harsh cleaning chemicals can strip paint and degrade metals.


• Cleans crude petroleum, refinded fuel, oil, and grease, simplifying operations and processes.
• Allows water to be recycled for non-potable uses and leaves no carbon footprint behind.
• Requires no heavy PPE, safe for workers to handle.
• Treats hard surfaces and porous materials.
• Wastewater can be classified as non-hazardous to help lower overall remediation and disposal costs.
• Proven to reduce TPH concentration levels as high as 4,000ppm in water holding tanks to 15ppm in under 72 hours.

Kan Klean: Laundry

Industrial Laundry Solution & Powder



• Effectively cleaning heavily soiled work wear and PPE contaminated with hydrocarbon is a challenge.
• High pH cleaners may damage fibric and alter FR properties
• Employer is responsible for maintaining protective properties of work clothing. OSHA regulations 29 CFR 1926.95(a). NFPA 2113 cleaning and care standards.
• Conventional cleaning leaves hydrocarbon residue em-bedded in fabrics and work wear.


• Formulated for oilfield or heavy industrial stains.
• Eliminates hydrocarbon residue completely.
• Works well on all PPE, fall arrest harnesses and gloves and is effective on expensive rain wear.
• Extends garment life, protects FR treatments and cleans washing machines eliminating cross contamination.


• Plant based protein liquid is gentle pH range of 7 - 7.5.
• Safe for FR clothing, PPE, rain wear, gloves.
• Non-toxic formula does alter the protective FR proper-ties of flame-resistant fabrics.
• Bio-renewable, plant-based proteins and non-toxic.
• Non-flammable, no ammonia, no chlorinated solvents, no heavy metals and no phosphates.

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