Kan Klean: Petroleum Cleaning Agent

Kan Klean Petroleum Cleaning Agent is a cleaning, decontamination, and remediation solution for all types of hydrocarbon contaminated oilfield equipment and infrastructure. It is a non-toxic, pH neutral, non-flammable and environmentally safe. Kan Klean PCA is designed for use in the in situ cleaning of hydrocarbon contaminants. Residual contaminated wastewater can also be treated to meet exposure concentration limits for compliance with local, state, and federal regulations. Kan Klean is a 100% plant-based, bio-renewable solution.

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GENERAL INFORMATION: Kan Klean Petroleum Cleaning Agent (PCA) is an effective, proprietary, and environmentally friendly technology designed to separate and prevent hydrocarbon particles adherence to themselves and to other materials. This is done with the use of polar bonding. In this manner, Kan Klean PCA’s unique formula exhibits beneficial surfactant-like properties. The solution is in fact, a nanoscale micelle colloidal solution generator that makes the hydrocarbons break down for an indefinite period of time and also accelerates the hydrocarbon biodegradation process. Unlike alternative rig washes or surfactants, Kan Klean PCA is capable of cleaning crude oil or refined petroleum. In addition, these product treat both hard surfaces and porous materials. Kan Klean PCA can be used in a variety of environments ranging from stationary work sites and Rigs to large cleaning stations or wash bays even large equipment decontamination depots. Field use in large scale applications has demonstrated the ability to reduce TPH concentration levels from as high as 4,000ppm to below 15ppm in less than 72 hours in oily water holding tanks.  Kan Klean PCA remediates wastewater that can be classified as non-hazardous material which can help lower disposal costs.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Use to clean, remediate, and decontaminate hydrocarbon contaminated oilfield equipment, and infrastructure. Kan Klean Petroleum Cleaning Agent is “Ready to Use” from the factory. Apply product liberally to wet the surface of the contaminated work object, then employ standard cleaning measures such as pressure washer, scrub brush, hand wipe, etc. For best results allow the Kan Klean PCA solution to soak on the surface for 30-40 minuets to allow the generation process time to activate. Temperatures above 45F degrees are optimal. At temperatures lower than that allowing longer soak times are desirable. You can also use the product in the spray equipment, by putting it in wash gun dispenser direct. Presoaking is again recommended for optimal results.

Do not handle until safety precautions have been read and understood. Read complete safety data sheet before use. In case of an emergency contact Katch Kan www.katchkan.com.


PRECAUTIONARY STATEMENTS: Before use of product read the entire label.
If Swallowed: DO NOT INDUCE VOMITING. Get medical attention immediately.
If Inhaled: Move to fresh air. If irritation occurs, seek medical attention.
If In Eyes: Flush eyes for 15 minutes with clean water. Remove contact lenses if worn. Seek immediate medical attention. Be sure to rinse under the eyelids.

If on Skin: Remove contaminated clothing and rinse with plenty of water.

STORAGE AND DISPOSAL: Store in a cool, dry place. Keep container closed when not in use. Wear proper protective equipment when handling this product.
Do not reuse the product container. Dispose of the container according to local ordinance.

The directions for use of this product must be carefully followed.