Prevent workplace slips, trips and falls

Katch Mat

You take safety seriously. We recognize and applaud that. But still accidents, mistakes, inattention or carelessness happen on work sites. Acknowledging that and then putting a plan in place to reduce those incidences is the safe thing to do. Being proactive instead of reactive can protect workers and save lives as well as improve a company’s bottom line. Because one thing is certain, injuries take a toll, whether personal or financial.

The Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) states over 42,000 workers get injured annually due to falls alone in Canada. Their statistics show the majority (66%) of falls happen on the same level, resulting from slips and trips. Slips happen when there is too little friction or traction between the footwear and the walking surface. Trips happen when your foot collides with an object causing you to lose balance.

So what can you do to prevent workplace slips, trips and falls? Changing the walking surface on your rigs is an easy fix. Katch Kan’s Katch Mat solution—an anti-slip, ergonomic, safety zone identifying, high traction containment mat is what you need.

Drill floor matting

Katch Mat

The mat is color coordinated for safety and danger zones that keeps green-hands safe. It’s anti-slip, anti-fatigue while containing and channeling drilling fluid between the traction buttons so it can be re-directed. The custom design allows you to replace only specific components versus the entire mat and the transition border eliminate trips when stepping on mat. Drill pipe tub and berm can also be incorporated on the floor to contain fluid.

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