Ray Coleman to join Katch Kan Limited on July 19th


Ray Coleman Headshot

Ray Coleman, new Vice President

Edmonton, AB (July 19, 2022) Katch Kan Ltd., is proud to announce that Ray Coleman has decided to join Katch Kan as their Vice President.

Ray started his career working on Akita Drilling rigs, working his way up the corporate ladder to the position of President of Akita Drilling USA.

Mr. Coleman previously served as Managing Director, Senior Vice President, and Operations Manager. Ray’s career at Akita Drilling spanned over 37 years focusing on excellence in drilling and customer service.

Mr. Coleman was responsible for the Company’s US Marketing, Operations, and Engineering including the day-to-day operating performance and maintenance programs for the US rig fleet.

Raymond Coleman will lead the Katch Kan group of companies through 2022 and beyond. His experience, credentials, and oilfield knowledge will help the Company to meet the challenges in the future.

“Ray is famous for his brilliant performance with Akita Drilling in Canada and the USA, a place where he worked before joining us here at Katch Kan,” says Quinn Holtby, President, Katch Kan Ltd.

About Katch Kan Ltd.
Katch Kan™ is based on a commitment to sustainable development, by protecting and preserving the land and water where the upstream oil and gas industry operates. The central achievements of Katch Kan™ are the Rig Safety System and Zero Spill System. These innovative systems of technology work together to optimize the health and safety of those involved with upstream projects, drastically minimize pollution, and enable oil and gas production to occur in a proactive eco-efficient manner.
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