Vacuum System Gen 2

A portable industrial vacuum designed to keep a range of working areas clean, including work floors, components and sub-structures, with a high-pressure wash gun to assist in equipment and Shaker Screen Cleaning


Wash System

2000 PSI Max @ 4 GPM (pressure set @ 800 psi)

BALDOR - 5hp 460v 3ph CID2 Motor

General Pump - W2035 66 series

36' Gun-Lance c/w 50ft 4000 psi 3/8" hose

Nozzle ¼” meg 1505 (15° spray, other angles available)


Vacuum System

CFM: 259 Fruitland RCF 370 LU

System size: 3"

Nominal operating RPM: 1200

Max Discharge Pressure: 15psi

Max Suction Pressure: 21 HG

Tech Top, 20 HP 1760 RPM

50 degree Celsius Temp Code

CID2 Rated

480 Volt 60HZ