Tong Handle Guard: One measure to prevent a leading cause of injury

How important are your hands?

Worker with Hand InjuriesThink about all the everyday things you do with your hands, from sending a text message, to eating, tying your shoes, and of course, there are many more. Now think of how important they are if your work depends on the use of your hands.

The hand is one of the most complex parts of our bodies with close to one-fourth of all our bones.  There are 27 bones connected by joints and ligaments.

The amount of possible injuries seems endless – getting hands caught between objects, chemical injuries, cuts, hits, burns, breaks, and bruises are some of the most common ones. Recovering from these types of injuries can be painful and times a slow recovery process. In some cases, full recoveries are not possible and then what do you do?

Accidents in the workplace not only affect the individual, but they also impact employers who must find a temporary replacement for that position, pay medical and travel expenses, compensation, and the possibility of an increase in insurance rates.  These are some of the costs which can escalate quickly.

Hand and finger injuries in the Oil and Gas industry

Total Industry Recordable Incidents by Body Parts (IADC, 2015)

2015 IADC Annual Report for Industry

Hand and finger injuries are at the top of the list when it comes to the drilling industry. That’s according to IADC (International Association of Drilling Contractors).

From the IADC 2015 annual report

There are two types of accidents:

  1. Lost time accident – this is an accident that happens at work and where the worker needs time away from work to recover.
  2. Recordable incident – an accident that happens at work but the severity can include death, transfer to another job, and medical treatment. All of which involve time away from the job.

Total recordable incidents in 2015 by body part report show hand and finger injuries make up close to one out of every two incidents in the oil and gas industry.

Proper safety procedures and safety equipment can help prevent both types of accidents, ensuring a worker is safe and a company is able to forge ahead with the job at hand without any unforeseen costs or delays.

Workers using AAX Tong Release Handle Guard

Katch Kan has developed the Tong Handle Guard a proven measure to prevent finger and hand injuries. The Tong Handle Guard is a lightweight cover that installs in minutes over the tong with no need to make modifications. It protects the entire hand.

There is a Tong Handle Guard to meet your needs.

Tong Handle Guard Models