Waste Water Management™

Municipalities across the nation are plagued with the build up of Fats, Oils & Grease FOG in wastewater management stations. Our plant based protein solutions disperse FOG never to re-agglomerate

Waste Water Management™ Products

KanB FOG Free

KanB FOG Free™ is our primary product that eliminates fat, oil and grease in wastewater utility and industrial applications. The product is made from plant-based, “green,” sustainable and eco-friendly properties. It is 100% organic, non-toxic, bio-degradable and does not leave behind caustic chemical compounds that may harm equipment or create bio-hazards. Simply put: KanB FOG Free™ helps Mother Nature do her job faster by accelerating a clean, natural process. Industrial applications include wastewater collection systems, gravity collection sewer / pipes, lift stations, vacuum truck cleaning and also wastewater plant applications.

Kan Krush

Kan Krush™ packs a double-strength dose of our KanB FOG Free™ product and combines it with a pleasing citrus aroma. The result is a high-performance blend of fastworking, environmentally-friendly colloidal suspension to eliminate fat, oil and grease in a utility’s most problematic facilities. In addition, the natural orange scent helps cure even the most difficult odor issues caused by seasonal, high temperature and high humidity climates. Waterwater utilities using the product say it is themost cost-effective and affordable application for FOG and odor treatment in today’s market. Kan Krush™ is a lower cost alternative to some chemical mixtures made with di-limeonene, a citrus-scent additive that has drastically increased in price over the past several months.

Kan Kontrol

Kan Kontrol™ has become one of our most popular and requested products by wastewater utilities nationwide. The product is winning praise for eliminating odors in sewers and lift stations, which has helped stop public complaints that have plagued utilities for years. The Kan Kontrol™ application actually began use in conjuction with KanB FOG Free™, the bio-degrading agent for fat, oil and grease build-up in utility lift stations and gravity sewers. In addition to eliminating foul odors, Kan Kontrol™ provides corrosion control in lift stations because the product is non-caustic and is non-reactant to carbon dioxide.

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