The type of flooring used in the workplace has direct impact on the health and safety of the worker. The combination of the right footwear and the floor mat will dramatically improve  the working conditions.  The importance of safety matting is vital to reduce fatigue and prevent injuries like slips, trips and falls.

In the upstream, the rig floor is the most dangerous location on the rig because heavy equipment is used during the drilling process. Tasks like drilling and manipulating sections of pipe or making connections on the rig floor can be very dangerous due to slippery drilling mud accumulating on the metal rig floor.

As reported by IADC International Association of Drilling Contractors, 34.15% of recordable incidents happened on the rig floor in USA and 20% of recordable incidents happened on the rig floor in Canada during last year (Land operation).  In other regions the percentage goes from 20% to 37.50%.

Using a rig floor traction and safety matting can eliminate hazardous working conditions and create a safer work area.

Rig floor traction and safety matting

Katch Mat traction nodes

Katch Kan’s rig floor traction and safety matting, Katch Mat, is the only mat on the market that also provides drilling fluid containment. It has the ability to channel fluids out of the way and into the Zero Spill System for recycling and reuse. The raised traction nodes optimize the traction while preventing workers feet to touch the fluids on the floor. The modular design also makes repair and transportation very easy for the rig crew.

The Katch Mat is lightweight and extremely durable. The Katch Mat material is designed to withstand extreme temperatures, impact and invert fluids. The bright colour coded design keeps green-hands safe and aware of the environment. The different colours help to easily identify safety, caution and danger zones.


Katch Mat.

Katch Kan has available

different type of mats depending on the application. The Stab Mat is designed to protect threads and channel drilling fluids to drain while racking tubing/drill pipe. The Stair Tread Mat is anti-slip, anti-fatigue, high traction easy to install mat.

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Rig Floor Traction and Safety Matting

Stair Tread Mat

Rig Floor Traction and Safety Matting

Stab Mat