Katch Kan™ is the global leader in reducing the environmental footprint and improving safety in the oil and gas drilling industry.


Zero Spill System is an efficient and safe way to contain production and drilling fluids from releasing on site. The Zero Spill System™ delivers cost savings to any rig.


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 The Rig Safety System™ helps to eliminate repetitive incidents and accidents, by increasing worker safety while decreasing operational hazards on a rig floor.


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Environmental Sustainability System is an all-natural plant based range of products that scientifically cleans and removes hydrocarbon contamination from hard surfaces, PPE, and remediates wastewater.

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Kelly Kan

Kelly Kan™

The Kelly Kan™ is a device (mud bucket) that controls and re-directs drilling fluid discharge down into the Splash Guard™  for draining into the Upper Katch Kan™ while tripping pipe.

2nd Stage Low Profile Load Rated Katch Kan

A load rated lower collection tray that works in conjunction with the Adjustable Containment Enclosure™ and Upper Katch Kan™ to catch fluids escaping through the work floor.

Industrial Vacuums

Katch Kan™ builds a variety of industrial vacuums for heavy duty applications.

Rig Floor, Traction and Safety Matting

Katch Kan™ engineered, patented and builds a wide range of mats to provide traction, safety and protection of pipe threads.


We provide personalized installation services, rig audits and rentals, including custom solutions to suit your specific needs and business objectives. From custom product sizes, custom solutions for varying oilfield stack configurations and new product developments and trials, our certified customer service representatives are ready to provide service and support 24/7.

“Traction on the floor increases 200% with stuff like Katch Kan has.”

Clint Boraniski

Rig Manager, Nabors Drilling

“Akita Drilling has been doing business with Katch Kan for the better part of 15 years. The products are good and hold up in almost every application with use them in. The drilling industry can be a harsh environment and there products preform as advertised. The relationship between Katch Kan and Akita has been excellent as they have always been willing to work with us on new designs and technologies.”

Matt Dumler

Asset Purchasing Manager, Akita Drilling

Ades Group

“I can say that the service and support all the way from the planning phase, manufacturing, delivery and installation was met with professionalism and efficiency by Billy and the complete Katch Kan team. All of the support was greatly appreciated”

Melvin Babcock

Rig Manager, Ades Group


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Our manufacturing, quality assurance product development, and quality control operations are certified to ISO 9001 standard to ensure high-quality products and services. We follow the global best practices for environmental performance under the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System standard. The ETV Program has verified our environmental claims for our technology.