Offshore Technology Conference

Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) was founded in 1969. Every year is held at the NRG Park (formerly Reliant Park) in Houston, USA. OTC has expanded technically and globally with the Arctic Technology Conference, OTC Brazil, OTC Asia and d5.
Offshore Technology Conference is sponsored by 13 industry organizations and societies, who work cooperatively to develop the technical program.

In 2016 OTC featured 21 International Pavilions along with 2,600 companies exhibiting from 47 countries and more than 68 thousand attendees from over 100 countries gathered together for 4 days last year.

Katch Kan has participated many times in the past. In this year’s conference, 2017 OTC, Katch Kan will be part of the Canada Pavilion and will be located in the ALBERTA booth number 1023.

We are introducing 2 new products for offshore applications as part of our Zero Spill System.  The  Zero Spill System lead to less water usage, less trucking and emissions; a significant return on investment for the oil company. The Rig Safety System and the Zero Spill System when used together capture lost drilling fluid, and redirect the lost fluids to be recycled and/or reused. With the capture of the drilling fluids, the well site has reduced environmental impact and provided lower costs with a cleaner, safe and efficient operation.

Make sure to ask our representatives about our Removable Surface Junk Basket and our Slip Joint Katch Kan.

Removable Surface Junk Basket

Removable Surface Junk Basket / Bell Nipple Application with Rigid Window Stripper. The Removable Surface Junk Basket is a special Surface Junk Basket designed for offshore applications

Slip Joint Katch Kan

Slip Joint Katch Kan – An enclosure to catch fluids escaping through the slip joint seal.