Monday (August 3) is Heritage Day in Alberta.  A time to celebrate who we are, our history and to learn about other cultures.

It’s a big year for the annual festival in Edmonton.  2015 is the 40th year for the event.

Heritage-430x97It was back in 1974 when the provincial government stated the first Monday in August would be an annual holiday to celebrate the varied cultural heritage of Albertans.  In the beginning it was marked by a concert at Fort Edmonton Park.

Then in 1976, eleven communities came together in Hawrelak Park to display their cultures’ traditional cuisine, entertainment and crafts.

Now the Heritage Festival runs for three days. This year more than 60 pavilions are being set up to represent 85 cultures. There will be over 500 culinary delicacies, performances, crafts, artwork, and clothing on display and for sale.

Spend some time chatting with the people in the booths to learn a little more about the people you share the city with.

food-bankDrop by Hawrelak Park August 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. It doesn’t cost anything to get in although festival goers are encouraged to bring a donation for Edmonton’s Food Bank.

Something to keep in mind if you go and that is there will be no parking in the Park.

Bikes are welcome while another option is ETS Park & Ride.

Katch Kan will be closed on the holiday Monday.