Katch Kan invites you to attend the Global Petroleum Show at Calgary’s Stampede Park June 12 to 14. Join the Founder, President and CEO of Katch Kan, Quinn Holtby, Wednesday, June 13 at 3:30 PM, Palomino Room F, as he presents “How to Enable the Collection, Retention and Reuse of Drilling Fluids Released from the Drill Pipe during Tripping Operations”.

SP Presentation

This presentation will illustrate the positive results of implementing containment systems. The poster presentation will be available in the networking area at the conference.

Quinn Holtby has pioneered an extensive array of leading-edge products and services that help set industry standards by improving safety and environmental responsibility while minimizing risk and maximizing performance.

Ensure you schedule this information session into your plans while at the show and register here.

Holtby’s involvement in this year’s Global Petroleum Show includes being part of the judging panel for the annual awards recognizing industry excellence.

Learn more about Katch Kan products, including new designs for both our industry leading Kelly Kan and the Kan Stabilizer/Stripper, and how they can improve your drilling performance and your reputation as a responsible steward of the environment, drop by our booth, #1530 at the BMO Centre.

We look forward to seeing you at Quinn’s presentation and enjoy GPS 2018! Don’t’ forget to stop by our booth #1530!


Global Petroleum Show

Kelly Kan

Global Petroleum Show

Kan Stabilizer


The new Kelly Kan design builds off the strengths of the original featuring a double latch to reinforce and secure closure.

The Kan Stabilizer is a portable drill pipe stabilizer for a top drive application. It protects the master bushing and prevents tools going down the annulus.