February 2015 – Congratulation to all Katch Kan employees and thank you for making a difference.  Recently a couple of representatives from Ernst & Young dropped by the Edmonton office to present us all with.

KK staff 2014 E&Y award

EY of year award 2014The award is “in recognition of the people of Katch Kan for their dedication and teamwork in establishing a world-class entrepreneurial company.

Thanks again to everyone.

Now after coming off a strong year of being recognized for our contributions to protecting the environment and saving workers lives, 2015 is shaping up to be just as stellar.

First up, our first award was won in the first month of the year.  On January 29th Katch Kan picked up the Innovation of the Year Award at the Asia Oil and Gas Awards.  It was handed out in Myanmar. Only a dozen awards were up for grabs.

Next is the Oil & Gas awards in Denver – the Rocky Mountain Oil & Gas Awards on March 10th. 

Katch Kan is in the running for the Award for Excellence in Health & Safety and Oilfield Services Company of the Year.

Just over a week later in Houston on the 19th – Katch Kan’s industry leading performance is being recognized with two more award nominations: an Award for Excellence in Health & Safety and the VZ Environmental Award for Excellence in Environmental Stewardship. The winners will be announced at the 2015 Gulf Coast Oil & Gas Awards Finalist Companies Awards Gala Dinner.


And right now there is one more award Katch Kan is in contention for. It’s the prestigious Manning Innovation Award. The awards have been handed out since 1982.  To date there are only 261 winners across the country. That includes Katch Kan which won one in 2000.  This years awards will be handed out in Saskatoon in October.

Katch Kan has demonstrated since the turn of the century that it will lead, not follow, when it comes to protecting the environment and the safety of workers.