Manama, Bahrain – Katch Kan Holdings Ltd. announces expanding operations in Middle East with the opening of Bahrain Regional Office branch in February 2015. The Bahrain office will enable KATCH KAN  to provide additional  comprehensive service and support to meet the increasing needs of customers in the region, and expand our overall global business capabilities.

Katch Kan Bahrain Logo-GREENKatch Kan, a Canadian and international company that works with industry oil and gas companies and drilling contractors to ensure access to tangible, efficient, safe and proactive solutions to prevent the loss of drilling fluids and the contamination of drilling and workover sites.

The Rig Safety System™ is designed to increase personnel safety while decreasing operational hazard on a rig-floor by eliminating repetitive accidents and incidents. The patented Zero Spill System (ZSS)™ not only captures fluids but assists in the prevention of the need to go fishing for dropped foreign objects, thereby reducing down time and loss of production.

The Zero Spill System™ was designed in response to industry feedback, regulatory concerns and environmental stewards demanding an easier efficient and safe way to contain production fluids and drilling fluids, from releasing into the natural environment. With these systems in place, Katch Kan has been able to prove tangible results regarding environmental performance.

The innovation of the Zero Spill System lead to less water usage, less trucking and emissions; a significant return on investment for the oil company. The Rig Safety System and the Zero Spill System when used together capture lost drilling fluid, and redirect the lost fluids to be recycled and/or reused. With the capture of the drilling fluids, the well site has reduced environmental impact and provided lower costs with a cleaner, safe and efficient operation.

The outcome is a GREEN initiative with a safer environment for rig personnel and saves the operator operational cost.

Due to the recapture of the fluid the well site in minimally impacted, operational cost are less expensive and the rig runs cleaner, safer and more efficient. Finally, a green initiative that saves money, not added overhead costs.

KATCH KAN BAHRAIN OFFICE is located at Level 9, Al Jasrah Tower Road 1702, Area 317, Diplomatic Area, Manama, Bahrain+973-17514438 1-800-961-5538.

For more information, Contact Sandra LeBlanc: +1-403-660-0243