Katch Kan is proud to announce it has received certification by the Canadian Environmental Technology Verification (ETV).

ETV provides an independent evaluation of new technologies with a view to validate environmental claims so that users, developers, regulators, and other parties can make informed decisions about purchasing, applying and regulating innovative technologies. 

The Katch Kan™ System was subjected to verification in accordance with the Canadian ETV Program General Verification Protocol. Criteria included the volume of drilling fluid released from the drill pipe during tripping operations and the volume of drilling fluid released into the surrounding environment.

It was proven than when installed on a drilling or service rig in accordance with our Canadian Environmental Technology Verificationrecommendations, the Katch Kan™ System enables the collection and retention of drilling fluids released from the drill pipe during tripping operations. The Katch Kan™ System results in no more than 1% of the released fluids escaping to the environment directly below the rig floor.

Katch Kan™ Ltd. applied for technology verification through GLOBE Performance Solutions. Testing was carried out by the WSP Canada Inc. (WSP) and Edmonton Waste Management Centre of Excellence EWMCE completed its verification of the Katch Kan™ System’s technology performance considering the principles and requirements of ISO 14034:2016.

Canadian Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) is delivered by GLOBE Performance Solutions under a license agreement from Environment Canada. Canadian ETV is designed to support Canada’s environment industry by providing credible and independent verification of technology performance claims.  Verification builds vendor credibility and buyer confidence by providing assurance that environmental performance claims are valid and supported by independent test data.