A few firsts at the Global Petroleum Show in Calgary this year.

Global Petroleum Show

GPS in Calgary, courtesy DMG Events

For the first time since its inception in 1968, GPS is now an annual event, instead of every two years. That might have accounted for a lower than normal turnout, but from the people we spoke to said the “quality of interest” from those in attendance was higher than usual.

As expected Canada had the largest contingent when it came to exhibitors, followed by the United States.  Other countries represented include: Kuwait, China, UAE, Korea, Austria and Italy to name just a few.

The first ever GPS Awards were handed out to open the event.  Among the finalists – Katch Kan founder, President and CEO Quinn Holtby who was up for the Leadership Award, for expanding the oil and gas industry in Canada.  iKan Media’s own Rob Hislop was a finalist in the Newsmaker of the Year category.

The final first is actually more of a first in a long time. That is, this year marked the first time in more than four decades the government representative came from a party other than the Conservatives.

Global Petroleum Show

Alberta Minister of Energy, Margaret McCuaig-Boyd

Fresh off its landslide victory over the Tories, the New Democrat government was represented by Minister of Energy, Margaret McCuaigBoydNot quite as polished in her delivery as previous government representatives, McCuaig-Boyd tried her best to alleviate fears of those in the room about what her government has planned.  She insists the ND’s will work hard to maintain a good relationship with the oil & gas industry because of its importance to the province.

You can see McCuaigBoyd‘s speech at the iKan Media website. The Minister made it clear she wouldn’t be talking to the media before or after the event.

You’ll notice on our site however a lot of other people did speak to the media. You can hear from the leader of Alberta’s official opposition, the Wildrose’s Brian Jean, the Chief of the Cold Lake First Nation, the Governor of Montana and others.

As for Katch Kan there were a few firsts at GPS as well.  The company debuted some new equipment including the Gen 2 Vac/Game Changer, the Kan Stabilizer Stripper and the Katch Mat-Thin Mat.

Here is a look at the Katch Kan booth and thanks to everyone who helped make the show a success.

Global Petroleum Show    Drill floor matting   Global Petroleum Show   Global Petroleum Show  Global Petroleum Show  Global Petroleum Show  Global Petroleum Show

Wellhead Drip Tray and Stuffing Box Katch Kan    Kelly Kan    Kan Stabilizer Stripper    Zero Spill System Model        Industrial VacuumGlobal Petroleum Show

 Rig Floor Matting    Tubing Trays and Kan Klean     Tong Handle Guard   APJ Locking Protectors    Global Petroleum Show