Katch Kan supports Petroleum Safety ConferenceSafety professionals from the petroleum industry converged for the 65th time on Banff, Alberta. Enform hosted another Petroleum Safety Conference at the Banff Centre. Katch Kan, a long time supporter of the event did something new this year. As well as being a sponsor, Katch Kan hosted a forum with three speakers titled “Transforming the Oil & Gas Industry to Meet Future Challenges”.

Mark Scholz presentation

First up was the President of the Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors, Mark Scholz. He is also the spokesperson for Oil Respect. It’s a campaign designed to enable Canadians to stand up and demand respect for the country’s oil and gas sector. Mark outlined the campaign and how you can get involved supporting the men, women and companies in the industry.

Mike Phibbs 1

Pres. & CEO Chemscape, Michael Phibbs

Next the President and CEO of Chemscape, Michael Phibbs discussed “Where the “H” is the Health in HSE, understanding Chemical Hazard Assessment and Management.” Among other things Phibbs explained how just getting safety equipment is not enough to ensure employees are safe.

Kathryn Wilneff, WSP Canada

Rounding out the seminar series was Kathryn Willneff from WSP Canada. She spoke of the importance of proving a companies environmental claims regarding its products through a third party. Willneff spoke about a case study involving Katch Kan steps towards getting environmental technology verification designation.

To watch any of the three just select one of the following links:

– Mark Scholz on “Oil Respect Campaign

– Michael Phibbs on “Understanding Chemical Hazard Assessment and Management”

– Kathryn Willneff on the importance of “Environmental Technology Verification

This event happened the day before the PSC 65 kicked off. Over 300 safety professionals were in attendance in Banff taking in sessions, from safety experts from a number of fields including medicine, law and industry. Topics tackled included: Safety Culture is Good for Business; Novel Health, Wellness and Safety Strategies; What Can We Do About Human Error; and Management vs Leadership vs Culture…How Does This Relate to Your Legal Duties.