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Quinn Holtby – Katch Kan founder, president and CEO

Long time entrepreneur, Katch Kan’s founder, president and CEO, is honoured to be a recipient of the Business in Edmonton publication’s Leader Awards. These prestigious awards honour the city’s visionary business leaders/entrepreneurs and Quinn Holtby is proud to be recognized among such an esteemed group of people.

Over two decades ago, Holtby saw the opportunity to create a product that would protect both workers in the oil industry and the environment. His leadership and vision resulted in the founding of Katch Kan Ltd and its subsequent expansion across the globe. Based on the values of reliable, responsible, responsive, respectful and results, Holtby has lead his organization to countless awards over the years and made a positive impact in the oil and gas industry.

Quinn Holtby-Oil & Gas Industry Leader Award

Quinn Holtby-Oil & Gas Awards, Winner, Industry Leader Award

With a visionary leader at the helm, Katch Kan has been at the forefront in the oil industry on the strength when it comes to leading-edge products and services that are recognized by many as meeting or beating industry standards for improving safety and environmental responsibility. This is done  while minimizing risk and maximizing performance.  A key consideration at any time, but even more so today with the price of oil being low.

Kan works with industry oil and gas companies and drilling contractors to ensure access to tangible, efficient, safe and proactive solutions to prevent the loss of drilling fluids and the contamination of drilling sites.

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Video courtesy: Business in Edmonton – a monthly publication dedicated to producing articles about entrepreneurs, trends and events in Alberta’s capital city.