Climate Change

The countries two New Democratic Party Premiers are joining forces. Rachel Notley from Alberta and Manitoba’s Greg Selinger met recently.

Climate Change

Greg Selinger & Rachel Notley
courtesy: CJOB Winnipeg

The pair discussed, among other things, what they are calling realistic options when it comes to climate change initiatives. The provincial leaders ended their meeting by signing a memorandum of understanding on both climate change and renewable energy.

CBC is reporting “Selinger says Notley’s long-term vision to create more jobs in the renewable energy sector squares with Manitoba’s clean-energy plan and pledge to create more green jobs.”

At the end of 2015, both provinces announced climate change programs.  In Alberta that includes capping oilsands emissions and charging a carbon tax. Manitoba has pledged to slash greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.  It will also enact a cap-and-trade system for about two dozen of the provinces largest emitters and bring in an environmental bill of rights with an independent watchdog.

The two provinces will also share data on how to improve the integration of energy grids in western Canada.


Climate change

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