avoid reclamation cost by using zero spill system

courtesy Wikipedia

Reclaiming land used for drilling operations can be a costly proposal. As a result, some companies might try to get around that by temporarily deactivating a well in order to avoid the responsibility of cleaning up and returning land to its natural state. Other companies are abandoning their wells and turning them over to the province (read taxpayer & industry) to deal with.

A CBC report earlier this year showed, “the number of so-called orphan wells has more than quadrupled from 162 to 702. At the current rate of reclamation, it will take 20 years to dismantle just this year’s supply.”

Oil companies can cut down on the costs of their clean-ups by ensuring the drill cuttings and spent drilling fluids are contained.  In a few jurisdictions, there are zero stain policies meaning a company can’t even leave a drop of, say drilling fluid on the ground.

Think of the cost savings involved if all you have to do is tear down a rig, pack up, and move on making way for reclamation.  Katch Kan’s Zero Spill System makes it possible for you to do just that and in the process save a lot of money.

Check out the Zero Spill System, it’s worth it.