Rotary Safety Speed Clamp

Eliminate high injury risks while manipulating the Rotary Control Device (RCD). The Rotary Safety Speed Clamp is one of the solutions from The Rig Safety System™ by Katch Kan.
The Rotary Safety Speed Clamp greatly reduces the risk associated with removing and replacing the RCD bearing from the tool joint by mechanically controlling the entire process.

Product Documents

The Rotary Safety Speed Clamp was designed to reduce and eliminate the high risk of injuries such as hand fractures, finger amputations, cuts & lacerations, foot crushes, etc. The rotary speed clamp also helps to contain elements from the RCD.


  • Reduce injury risk by reducing pinch points, strains, falling object injuries
  • Reduce the number of workers involved in the removal and replacing operations
  • Reduce potential damaged RCDs from uncontrolled dropping
  • Save 45 minutes on average.
  • Able to lift up to 33,000 lbs. (Bridle Capacity includes D-Ring and both Slings)