Workover Solutions

Most oil well interventions or workovers are done because the well is not performing up to expectations. Other reasons could be regulatory requirements, data gathering, supplemental recovery project requirements, etc. Wellbore workover might involve casing or equipment repair, maintenance and installation of new equipment.  Some of the techniques are known as wireline, coiled tubing and snubbing.


2nd Stage Low Profile Load Rated Katch Kan

Workover and Well Servicing often use fluids to keep the well under control while the work is being performed.

Katch Kan has developed a complete Well Servicing Zero Spill System for workover operations.

The System advantages are:

Tripping In

  • The 2nd Stage Low Profile Load Rated Katch Kan will prevent wellbore fluid from spilling over B.O.P. due to tubing displacement as you run in / or incorrect hole fill volumes
  •  The Mini Kelly Kan controls and redirects fluids being released from wet tubing or pipes. The fluids are captured in the 2nd Stage Low Profile Load Rated Katch Kan and can then be drained through a two-inch discharge line to the containment area

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    2Well Servicing Kelly Kan Mini & Extended

Tripping Out

  • The Low Profile Katch Kan eliminates fluid from running down the outside of the B.O.P.s when using a tubing stripper, keeping the area free of contaminants
  • When tripping out of the hole to service tools such as packers, the swabbing effect may cause fluids to run over the top of B.O.P. This problem is solved as these fluids are captured and redirected by the 2nd Stage Low Profile Load Rated Katch Kan
  • Tripping time is then reduced to the minimum
  • Drill out improves connection time and eliminates fluid losses during connections. Quicker connections = Less time circulating
  •  Eliminates spills from incorrect hole fill volumes

Plugged Tubing / Stripping Jobs / Rod Jobs / Swabbing / Kicks / Burps

  • The Mini Kelly Kan / Katch Kan system will reduce the need for waiting on wire line trucks to perforate tubing thus reducing rig time by simply pulling wet
  • The Mini Kelly Kan/ Katch Kan system is designed for the dirtiest and messiest jobs in the oilfield. As well as keeping the worker safe and clean, use of the system lowers clean-up costs, minimizes vacuum truck work and reduces tripping time
  • The 2nd Stage Low Profile Load Rated Katch Kan and rod table adapter will attach to the bottom of all rod tables. Fluids released from the wellbore while pulling rods are captured and contained in the 2nd Stage Low Profile Load Rated Katch Kan. This fluid then can be redirected
  • The 2nd Stage Low Profile Load Rated Katch Kan will clamp on to most well heads, capturing leaking fluids from saver heads, when stripping the sand line while swabbing, also when changing the swab cups
  • Prevents fluid loss during unplanned kicks, burps or incorrect hole fill volumes

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