2nd Stage Low Profile Load Rated Katch Kan

Works in conjunction with the ACE and Upper Katch Kan™ to capture any additional fluid, enabling zero spill status

Product Documents

A load rated lower collection tray that works in conjunction with the Adjustable Containment Enclosure™ and Upper Katch Kan™ to catch fluids escaping through the work floor.

It comes with two or four (depending on the size) 4-inch drain boxes and hoses that return drilling fluid to the mud tank or our Holding Tank
Weighs 90 lbs. – 393 lbs (Depending on the size)

Item Part #
Low Pro 60” W/17” Base KKLP-60-17CR
Low Pro 60” W/26” Base CUTOFF KKLP-60-26CO
Low Pro 60” W/26” Base KKLP-60-26CR
Low Pro 60” W/36” Base KKLP-60-36CR
Low Pro 72” W/17” Base KKLP-72-17CR
Low Pro 72” W/26” Base KKLP-72-26CR
Low Pro 72” W/36” Base KKLP-72-36CR
Low Pro 72” W/36” Base CUTOFF KKLP-72-36CO
Low Pro 72” W/48” Base KKLP-72-48CR
Low Pro 72” W/53” Base KKLP-72-53CR
Low Pro 90” W/36” Base KKLP-90-36CR
Low Pro 90” W/48” Base KKLP-90-48CR
Low Pro 90” W/26” Base KKLP-90-26CR
Low Pro 120” W/36” Base KKLP-120-36CR

Additional information

Part #

KKLP-60-17CR, KKLP-60-26CO, KKLP-60-26CR, KKLP-60-36CR, KKLP-72-17CR, KKLP-72-26CR, KKLP-72-36CR, KKLP-72-36CO, KKLP-72-48CR, KKLP-72-53CR, KKLP-90-36CR, KKLP-90-48CR, KKLP-90-26CR, KKLP-120-36CR, KKLP-CUSTOM