Zero Spill System™

Sustainable Well Life Cycle Solutions™

Katch Kan Limited introduced fluid containment technology to the upstream oil and gas industry in 1994.
As the needs of oil companies and drilling contractors further developed, the company responded by designing a complete Zero Spill System (ZSS), bringing on-site fluid control to the next level.

With the availability of ZSS technology, functioning as a zero spill operation has become more of a favorable option for oil companies, directly addressing environmental and public relations challenges.

The ZSS can easily be applied to drilling rigs, workover/service rigs, wellheads, barge rigs, and other applications.

Well Servicing Kelly Kan™ Well Servicing Kelly Kan™ Seals Katch Mat™ Stair Tread Mat 2nd Stage Low Profile Katch Kan™ Adjustable Containment Enclosure™ (ACE™) Drip Tray Wear Plate Flow Nipple Seal Steel Adapter Flange Discharge Hose Tubing Tray™ 3-Saddle Line Pipe With Easy Pour™ Gen II Vacuum Kan Klean™

Well Servicing Kelly Kan™

A device that contains and allows the wellbore fluid discharge to be put back into tanks. Lear more