Katch Kan Well Life Cycle Solutions

ZSS resizedFor over 20 years, Katch Kan has developed a wide range of products and services for Upstream. And because its products are innovative, and create value in the work environment and the bottom line, Katch Kan has been able to grow into international markets.

Well Life Cycle Solutions is suitable for Land Drilling, Off-Shore Drilling, Well Servicing and Well Head Applications providing rig safety, fluid containment and recovery.

The fluid containment system is designed to capture any type of drilling fluid or mud, generating significant return on investment (ROI) by achieving savings on drilling fluids and cleanup costs while the well is active. The system prevents contamination and reduces environmental impact; therefore helps lessen liabilities and costs associated with the cleanup during the remediation and reclamation phases when the well is not active. The fluid containment system is reliable to recover fluids and avoid contamination in 99.9%, a performance claim verified by the Canadian ETV Program.


katchmatOur customers tell us that they are saving money, the crews love our products and they see great improvement in the work environment.

With many years of experience in the Industry and constant and continuous improvement of the product line, Katch Kan has not only been able to expand the line of products to a complete Well Life Cycle Solutions but also provide custom solutions to its customers.
Katch Kan’s expertise shows in the unbeatable quality of the product and turnaround times for Well Life Cycle Solutions.  The solution can stand  and resist extreme weather conditions and invert mud. They are able to fit any rig, anywhere in the world. With offices in Canada, the US, Bahrain and distributors around the world,  there is a representative close to you.

Katch Kan Technical Field Experts can do a rig assessment and propose the right solution for your needs. Request your rig assessment.




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