Upper Katch Kan

Tray that receives and contains fluids for re-direction back into the flow nipple

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Tray that receives and contains fluids for re-direction back into the flow nipple

Lightweight – weighs 18% of a steel tray

Tongue and groove design, with over-center latches; allowing the Upper Katch Kan™ to be quickly installed or removed by one person without tools.

17”, 26”, 36” – Base

 Item Part # Item Part #
UPPERKKTM 26”R-12”H-17”B KK2-26-12-17 UPPERKKTM 36”R-15”H-26”B KK2-36-15-26
UPPERKKTM 26”R-18”H-17”B KK2-26-18-17 UPPERKKTM 36”R-17”H-26”B KK2-36-17-26
UPPERKKTM 30”R-15”H-17”B KK2-30-15-17 UPPERKKTM 38”R-15”H-17”B KK2-38-15-17
UPPERKKTM 32”R-12”H-17”B KK2-32-12-17 UPPERKKTM 38”R-20” H-26”B KK2-38-20-26
UPPERKKTM 32”R-15”H-17”B KK2-32-15-17 UPPERKKTM 40”R-16” H-17”B KK2-40-16-17
UPPERKKTM 34”R-12”H-17”B KK2-34-12-17 UPPERKKTM 40”R-20” H-17”B KK2-40-20-17
UPPERKKTM 34”R-15”H-17”B KK2-34-15-17 UPPERKKTM 40”R-20” H-26”B KK2-40-20-26
UPPERKKTM 34”R-15”H-26”B KK2-34-15-26 UPPERKKTM 40”R-9”H-17”B KK2-40-9-17
UPPERKKTM 34”R-22”H-26”B KK2-34-22-26 UPPERKKTM 46”R-21”H-26”B KK2-46-21-26
UPPERKKTM 36”R-15”H-26”B KK2-36-15-17 UPPERKKTM _”R-_”H-_”B KK2-UP-CUSTOM

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Part Number

KK2-26-12-17, KK2-26-18-17, KK2-30-15-17, KK2-32-12-17, KK2-32-15-17, KK2-34-12-17, KK2-34-15-17, KK2-34-15-26, KK2-34-22-26, KK2-36-15-17, KK2-36-15-26, KK2-36-17-26, KK2-38-15-17, KK2-38-20-26, KK2-40-16-17, KK2-40-20-17, KK2-40-20-26, KK2-40-9-17, KK2-46-21-26, KK2-UP-CUSTOM

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