The vacuum, an industry game changer

The Industrial Revolution brought about amazing technological advances, including a machine you might not think of – the vacuum. An industrial vacuum to be more precise.  The reason for such a machine became clear with the jump in pollution and large amounts of people living in close quarters.

Pollution from early industry

Industrial Revolution, courtesy Jose Romero.09

You see these conditions often result in sickness and disease. Fortunately while factories were expanding, the health field was also making advances. The emergence of the “germ theory” took hold around the same time. This helped inform people about the link between cleanliness and health. This knowledge went a long way towards new ways of thinking about the pollution, dirt and other debris in factories. It also heightened awareness in the home. This led to the beginning of a long line of vacuums.

First vacuum and inventor H. Cecil Booth, courtesy VacHunter

First vacuum and inventor H. Cecil Booth, courtesy VacHunter

Patents started in the mid 1800’s for vacuums. Since then there have been-plenty of improvements in vacuum pumps, motors and size. Starting with “carpet sweepers” and then moving into “electric suction cleaners”. Vacuums began to evolve for specific purposes, from personal homes to hotels and commercial facilities.

Over time, the knowledge that cleanliness at the work site is often linked to worker safety gained widespread acceptance. That’s when the industrial vacuum was born.

Industrial Vacuum & Cleaning solutions by Katch Kan

Industrial Vacuum & Cleaning solutions by Katch Kan

Katch Kan offers a number of industrial vacuums and cleaning solutions to fit your rig needs. They do more than just clean rigs and protect workers. Cleaning a wide variety of surfaces including work floors, components and substructures, they capture and recycle drilling fluids, something which helps protect the environment. They are safe and simple to operate, with low maintenance.

Industrial Vacuum

Kan Electric Vac & other products on display at Global Petroleum Show, Calgary AB

Katch Kan’s offers vacuum systems for both land and offshore drilling rigs. If you don’t see what you need, Katch Kan provides custom solutions to fit your needs.






Kan Electric Vac - Industrial Vacuum

Kan Electric Vac

The Kan Electric Vacuum is a portable industrial vacuum.

Collects both fluids  & semi-fluids

Holds 150 US Gallons

Discharges 100 Gal in 60 seconds

No sparks/arcs

Remote Start Station




Attachment for Industrial Vacuums

Kan Klean attachment – universal attachment for Industrial Vacuums

Game Changer - Industrial Vacuum

Game Changer Automated Vacuum (Gen 2)

The Game Changer Automated Vacuum (Gen 2)

is a portable industrial vacuum with pressure washer

Collect both fluids & semi-fluids

Holds 300 US Gallons and counts with 95 Gallon fluid tank

Automatic vacuum and discharge

No sparks/arcs



Kan Air Vac Industrial Vacuum

Kan Air Vac with Kraken

The Kan Air Vac  with Kraken is a portable industrial vacuum

and pressure washer

Works with compressed air

Holds 105 US Gallons

Can be used in salt water application

Automatic vacuum and discharge


More options available, call our experts to learn more. North America: 1.800.840.2877  International: 1.780.414.6083

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