Workover or Oil Well Intervention applications

Workover / Well Servicing Rigs #

Drilling calls for complex, carefully engineered equipment — and inevitably this equipment can wear down over time and require replacement. That’s where a workover rig comes in. Workovers are among the most expensive and complicated tasks in the drilling industry, so here are a few things you should understand about them.

What is a workover rig? How does it work? #

A workover is a complex maintenance task that involves pulling completion hardware out of a well in order to extend the life of the well. A workover rig is a specially designed rig that makes it easier to take out or insert tubing into a well.workover

To complete a well servicing, the well is first killed. This halts the flow of fluids in the reservoir. The wellhead and flow line will then be removed and the completion hardware will begin to be pulled out of the well using the workover rig. Replacement parts will then be lowered into the hole accordingly.

Because workovers are involved in time-consuming processes, through-tubing workovers might be initiated, which can occur without forcing teams to kill a well and do a full well servicing. This might be considered first before deciding on full-well servicing.

When is a workover rig needed?  #

A workover rig is needed when a well is no longer suitable for the drilling job it was originally built for. It’s possible that the production tubing has incurred damage over time or downhole tubing has stopped functioning correctly. Or perhaps the contents of the reservoir that the tubing is drawing from has changed and requires adjusted tubular components. In any case, the well is unable to perform efficiently and could even compromise the safety of those working on the well. At that point, its components must be replaced and a workover rig must be constructed.

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